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Test tones, music and other
experiments in sound...
online since Jan. 1997
on air since 1990
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Created for mutual interest and enjoyment
as heard on Melbourne's
Amateur Television Service: VK3 RTV

Decades in the making...
1990-2008 creations used in amateur television broadcasts

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File / Track Name Time Size Style
Danni.wma 2:32 163k Dance
Funk2.wma 2:35 167k Marching
Mon32.wma 2:06 137k Relaxing
Doodle.wma 2:15 147k Pop Ballad
Gakcool.wma 3:21 214k Rock
Moon4.wma 1:57 128k Relaxing
Exharm.wma 2:30 161k Marching
Trk6a.wma 2:23 144k Rock
As aired by VK3KHB on ATV Melbourne...
mp3 excerpts more of GAK's music...
Please note
Music made available for personal, non-profit use only.
Composed and played by GAK all rights reserved...

List of PopCorn Inspired music by various artists
complied here from the MOD Archives in Europe...

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Link to original file and artist - Time Size Style
1. _walkin on popcorn 2 wma - PLAY 00:42 71k -
2. Popcorn-hawkMrG wma - PLAY 00:53 90k -
3. xm_popkornia wma - PLAY 00:51 85k -

*** more popcorn tracks in secure area of gakmusic...click to login...

4. xm_Zorg_Popcorn_2005. wma - PLAY 01:47 170k -
5. xm_repopcorn_r. wma - PLAY 03:13 300k -
6. xm_Boomies_Popcorn. wma - PLAY 02:35 243k -

Attributed original PopCorn music creator:Gershon Kingsley
(C) info MOD ARCHIVE - 30+Gb of music files.
Mod Archive modules must either be:
• Your own creations, thus, you hold the copyright.
• Public Domain
Music made available for personal, non-profit use only

The low resolution of these stereo audio files is to save disk space and
download time. (C) Copyright applies - playing is for personal, non-profit
use only. Each link opens in a new window, enjoy!