GAK's Music compositions...

As heard on Melbourne's UHF Amateur Television Service

Excerpts are mono audio files saved in MPEG-3 format at a low resolution.
Each is approx. 30 seconds duration, re sampled from 44.1Kb/s stereo to 8Kb/s mono. (may sound tinny)
STYLES Special Marching Dance Foot Taping Relaxing Rock STYLES

** Each link opens a new window, right click to save, left click to play - allow a moment to download file...** -VB2-

anocment harm2 4ton2 gakdown gaktune rocktn
trial1 leena moon2 egyp3
lisabee 5tones2 mon3a
sfa sfa2
spell2 sumdy
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(C) Copyright applies, files are made available for personal use only
Any commercial use must seek my written approval.
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