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Before you start to enjoy the sights and sounds within it must be understood that:

- You are about to enter a secluded e-place
- A virtual private room in cyberspace and time, in which your PC will form part.
This virtual private room houses a private collection of sight and sound materials
which will play at your selection. Materials are provide as is, without warrantee or
guarantee that they will suit the visitor. You may find the material pleasing, funny,
sexy, offensive, naughty or nice.

- Ultimately you are in control as you can close your browser at any time -

Important disclaimer:
At some (countries) portals of the "Internet" these materials may be deemed illegal or infringe rights.
As it is beyond the website owners/operators/authors to know what places would deem our material inappropriate,
it will be the visitors' responsibility to ensure that accessing our material at their portal does NOT breech any such laws or rights.

By entering beyond this point the visitor agrees to hold indemnified the website owners/operators/authors from all harm and penalties
resulting from any such breech of local laws or infringement of rights, arising from accessing our materials at their portal.

You MUST accept this condition to proceed beyond this point.

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